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Living Your Authentic Life

Be True to Yourself

The best way to be true to yourself is to live your life authentically.  Be defined only by what you say and what you do.  Everyone has an opinion and ideas but when either of those don’t align with how you feel then you don’t need to accept it, it’s just one of the many differences that makes each of us individuals.

When you are living your authentic life you are not likely to have any regrets later because you are being true to your inner spirit, it’s that inner spirit that holds all your wishes, desires and dreams.  If you allow those whispers into your consciousness then you will be helping yourself to get onto the path you were meant to be on.  Everything we dream of and envision, as individuals, of being the ultimate life is tied to our authentic selves.  It’s only when you listen and follow those whispers  that you will find contentment, peace and balance. 

What is perceived as the ultimate life for one person won’t always be the ultimate life for everyone.  In order to maintain living your authentic life you can’t allow anyone else’s ideas or opinions to alter or impede being true to yourself.  Don’t think of anything as being unattainable or impossible to reach.  You can reach and achieve whatever you want out of your life, there’s no such thing as impossible. 

 Most of the restrictions we place on ourselves are based out of fear:

–          Fear of what others may think

–          Fear of not being deserving

–          Fear of failing

If you can identify with any of these fears then what restricts you comes from within and will require reflection and honesty about what is really preventing you from living your authentic life.

 Awareness is power!

Once you are able to identify the source of your fears you then have the opportunity to overcome them so you can begin to live your own charmed life.


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