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Every Journey Has a Purpose

Are You on the Right Path?

We have all been given what we need to help us get through the challenges we are meant to face.  That help is available to you all the time because it is within you but sometimes it’s difficult to tap into it, especially when negativity has you in its grip.  If you are feeling low, unworthy or disappointed within any area of your life, you have the power to change it.  The big question is “are you going to” or is it easier to place blame and say that’s why it’s not going to change.  Regardless of whether or not you have found your purpose or feel that there is a purpose for you in this life, Pastor Joel Osteen has the real deal on this, his quote below:

If you are breathing, God has a purpose for you.  As long as you have breath, somebody needs what you have, somebody needs your gifts, somebody needs your time, somebody needs your love.

His words are very true, we are all here to learn, teach and grow from every experience and obviously if we grow positively, that is ideal.  It’s not about that fact that you stumbled or fell, it’s how you got up and what you did to move forward while maintaining a little grace and dignity along the way.

If you haven’t found your purpose or passion yet it’s doesn’t mean you don’t have one, it just means you haven’t come to the place in your life yet where all that needs to be aligned for it to occur is fully aligned yet.  With every challenge or lesson I experience I always know that there is a greater purpose for it and even though I don’t know what the greater purpose is yet I know that I have enough faith to believe that it will work out as it is meant to and in the right time.  I know it can be really difficult to wait it out but I am not on my own clock for my intended lessons, it is the universe that will decide when the time is right so there is no point in my stressing about it or resisting.  One of your biggest assets in times like these is having faith and trusting in that faith.

Changing the conversations and internal dialogue that you have with yourself is another one of your assets.  It’s amazing how different your life can be if you start to believe in yourself, others will follow and believe in you too.  Instead of feeding the voice of negativity, the one that tells you that you aren’t worthy, intelligent, beautiful, abundant and so on, feed the voice of the positive.  The Universe responds to whatever you are telling yourself whether that is negative or positive.  Start telling yourself how lucky and blessed you are, live, breathe and feel the emotions attached to those statements and you will find that you will start to see great things develop in your life.

The biggest hurdle you will have is at the beginning because it starts with acknowledgement and awareness and changing and expanding those two require a lot of discipline.  If you’ve had significant difficulties in your life so far, the first thing you can acknowledge is that regardless of how challenging or disheartening they may have been, you made it through it.  That’s a huge accomplishment and not one that should be ignored or pushed aside.  Don’t put the emphasis on how awful it was, put the emphasis on how impressive it is that you came out with more wisdom then you went in with.  My other favorite quote is from Wayne Dyer:

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

This is a great example of how changing your focus can put the right emphasis on the challenges you’ve had so far and when you do that it will also de-emphasize the severity of the negative thoughts that you may be replaying in your mind.  It will also reinforce your feelings of empowerment, pride and self-respect and that is the beginning of the new and improved path.

Your internal dialogue is the most prominent voice in your life, whether it is subconsciously or consciously fueling your thoughts of self-worth.  The best change you can make in your life is to use this internal dialogue in a positive and productive way for yourself so that you can live your best life.

One of the biggest changes I’ve made that always turns out to be the best decision is stepping out of my comfort zone and choosing the road I am scared to travel.  I think sometimes we need to take risks and scare ourselves, it is within those risks that we experience the most personal growth and achievement, at least it has been for me.

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Happiness – Does it Define Your Real Age?

Good Relationships, Good Health

I love this concept!  I believe, if you have happy and healthy relationships you are likely to feel much more energized and inspired which will be reflected in your overall health and appearance.  What you exude (negative or positive) will be clearly displayed in your interactions with others and I believe that affects how we age.  I’ve known people that have physically looked younger or older than they actually are and I’ve noticed that the common thread amongst those that looked younger is they all have some form (if not many) of positive output, a happiness within one or many areas of their life.   It is the same for those that look older except that the output is negative and also in one or many areas of their life.  Both states of being have a distinctive effect on your overall appearance and that can change the perception of your biological age to either end of the scale.  In a world where we are encouraged to strive to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance, this to me would be the least invasive on our wallets and our health.  I don’t believe in any way that it’s necessary to alter our real selves to meet any standard other than what you yourself desire and makes you feel good.  I do believe that if you’re not happy within it won’t matter how much you alter on the outside because the two won’t match and any inner conflict will still be there.

When we are either happy or sad it affects our health, sometimes mildly, sometimes in a more significant way.  I’m rarely negative, it just doesn’t fit and I can’t adapt to it, but on the days when I’m feeling low I find that the mirror isn’t as friendly and the reflection seems a little older than the days when I’m feeling happier, positive and upbeat.

It’s been said that our kids keep us young and I think that’s because even though they drain us (physically or emotionally) from time to time they are still little gifts of inspiration that we have been blessed with.  So along that same line, our friends and relationships can also help to keep us younger but I do believe that those relationships need to be healthy and equal.  Not everyone around me is a perfect fit for me but the ones that matter the most are and they are the ones that fuel my inspiration, hope and faith.

In turn when you are the one fueling others inspiration, hope and faith you will also benefit because the feelings that you are creating in others are also created within you which then stimulates your inner happiness, it’s like a massage from the inside out and it gets all the juices flowing.  That increase elevates your energy and mood and when you’re feeling good, you look good.

Check out this definition I googled for Happiness (Number 3), unbeknownst to me at that time, when my daughter was born I named her Felicity.  She’s definitely plays the most prominent role in my happiness!

Definition of HAPPINESS:

  1. Good fortune – obsolete, prosperity.
  2. Joy, a state of well-being or contentment, a pleasurable or happy experience.
  3. Felicity, Aptness

So if you are a good friend to others and generate an overall positive attitude you are likely to have an overall younger appearance, in my opinion that’s a great anti-aging solution.

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Are You a Shallow Hal with Yourself?

I liked this movie “Shallow Hal” because it’s actually a really good portrayal of how skewed a lot of us are when we look in the mirror at ourselves and how we sometimes view others.

There is so much more to see in yourself and others than just the surface of those you don’t know.  Have you ever noticed when you develop a relationship with someone (friends or love) that you begin to see beauty emanate from within them, and if it’s a solid and equal relationship than that is also what the other person sees in you.  If we could only see ourselves through the eyes of someone who views us that way we would probably be able to develop a much healthier relationship with our own personal image and truth.

I believe it all starts with being comfortable and embracing “the real you”, I mean why would you try to be anyone else when you can be yourself?  No one can be you better than you can, and when you’re being genuine chances are you’ll have more people interested to be in your company than you would being someone you’re not.

It really does begin with you and how you are viewing yourself and if you are you confident with “the real you” then nothing else can disturb that.  Of course, we are the harshest critics of ourselves, but if you can alter that and try to see yourself as those who love you see you than you will develop a strength of character that you had never realized was there.

One of the things I believe very strongly is that our minds are more powerful than we have even tapped.  I’ve heard it said that we only use 10% of our minds, 10%!  That’s crazy!  I’ve also heard that be discounted but regardless of whether the statement is true or not, it’s something worth considering.

So if you entertain that thought for a moment and consider what some of the greatest minds have accomplished, and if they are actually using only 10% of their brain then imagine if you bump that up to even 50 or 60% how much you could change in your world and way of thinking.  In books like “The Secret”, and movie/documentary of “What the Bleep do we Know?”, these kinds of thoughts and ideas are welcomed, embraced and explored.  If the concept is there I want to explore it, and if I find it to work (which I have) then it’s entirely worth it.

Have you ever wanted something to change so badly that you willed it to change?  That’s your mind working at whatever percentage is needed to accomplish what you’ve envisioned.  It’s what you feed that grows, make it positive!

Everything we have around us (things, items) all began with a thought, an idea, and then became real.  Probably even some of the craziest thoughts or ideas that materialized were discounted from the beginning but because of the belief and persistence of the person that envisioned it, it became real.  I believe that no matter what you envision you can create it, your mind is powerful enough to make it happen.

Believe in the strength and power of your mind and your visions and your reality will become what you see.  When you are confident, comfortable and accepting with “the real you”, you allow yourself endless possibilities to create the world you desire.

It’s a flow of positive energy that can’t be stopped, it’s an energy that is in alignment with the Law of Attraction and that all things you think about and believe will become that world around you.

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I Appreciate It!

Be Thankful in All Things!

When you have appreciation for all things in your life I believe that creates a trickle effect and the positive occurrences continue throughout your day as your appreciation grows.

So you wake up a little late but luckily it’s a good hair day, the outfit you picked out feels perfectly comfortable and even though you didn’t have enough time to fix yourself a morning snack things are going good.  On your way to work every light is green so you arrive 10 minutes early and when you get there you find that your boss brought in coffee and muffins for everyone.  Perfect, morning snack problem solved!  I’ve had this kind of day and it’s only gotten better from there and I really do believe it’s because I am able to get so excited about the little things.  I’ve found that when I approach life from that mindset great things just keep happening.  Others have told me that I just have “good luck” and even though that is probably part of it I think the other part is the mindset.  It’s all in what you believe and how you perceive your life to be going.  I also believe I have “good luck” and that belief helps to create that good luck and keep it flowing (Law of Attraction).

Have you ever been driving down the road toward the green light and thinking it’s going to change and then it does, I know that’s a chance thing but I do think it’s also a belief thing, try saying out loud to the universe “thank you for not changing until I get through”.

Every time I’ve headed off to the grocery store, shopping mall or anywhere that requires parking I always head to the spots closest to the store and much to the chagrin of my passenger who says “it’s packed, you’re never going to find a spot up there” and I always respond “my parking spot is always at the front”, and it always goes just that way.  I will get there and the spot will be free or someone will just be pulling out and it’s not just because I’m lucky but because I’m already appreciating the universe for providing me with that great parking spot I’m envisioning.  I’ve been successful with this process even at Christmas (the busiest of seasons), the biggest part of it is living in appreciation and thanking the universe for these wonderful and lucky opportunities.

So I tried to explain this mindset to a friend who said, ok, I’ll try it, but I don’t think it’s going to change anything.  Right there!  That’s it!  You’ve just cut it off from having the chance to happen.  If you don’t honestly believe in the mindset and you’re already knocking it down with a “sure I’ll try it but I don’t believe it will work” then the universe will give you exactly what you believe!  Again, Law of Attraction.

I truly find excitement in the smallest things and I realize that finding a great parking spot or the perfect tasting coffee is so minimal and trivial but in reality if I can find excitement and appreciation in those then the bigger things will be that much better and I will be that much more excited and appreciative.  The outcomes for these types of positive experiences I’ve had, big or small, have taught me that this mindset definitely works.

Along with developing and believing wholeheartedly in this mindset, you must also believe it in your subconscious and it has to feel natural.  An example is the friend I tried to explain the mindset to above, the reason it was so difficult to accept is because changing the belief system that way didn’t at all feel natural.  I really wish I had a strategy I could recommend that would work for making this kind of adjustment to your belief system and having it feel natural.  There was no adjustment for me to make as I’ve always viewed things from this perspective and mindset so natural is how it has always felt.

I do know that when it comes to anything in your life and making changes it all starts with you:

–          you really have to want it

–          you really have to believe in yourself

–          live in appreciation

When you have all of these beliefs you can do anything you want to!


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