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Bring It On!

Facing the Challenge

Challenges not only define our character but they build it as well.

Who are you really?  Are you someone that pushes the limits to achieve because you feel so strongly that it is your destined path?  Or do you say to yourself “I’m not sure, I’ll sit back and wait” and then never try because it’s easier?

I am someone who pushes the limits, I like a challenge, I think for me that comes from being an athlete in competitive team sports.  I don’t get as much athletic sport in as I used to, responsibilities are more in demand but competition has always been very inspiring and motivating for me.  Chances are if you’ve ever taken part in any team sport “sitting back and waiting” isn’t a desired skill of any team player, you have to get in there and dig a little.

Although being a team player doesn’t necessarily mean that “pushing the limits” is carried out in your daily life as well, you may feel you’re not as confident alone as you are with the team.  It all depends on you personally, what your goals and intentions are and how strongly you feel about what you want out of this life.


Recently I had to adapt to a difficult and challenging experience and I have to admit that while in the midst of it I did not feel very strong but now through it and out on the other side I’ve found that it has expanded my awareness and opened my beliefs to a higher level of appreciation.  Every life experience, no matter the level of difficulty, is there to teach us something.  We all go through experiences that ultimately are there to make us a better person and we have two choices.  We can either recognize, learn and grow from them or we can ignore them and wallow in our dislike of the experiences.

Obviously the more challenging the experience the greater the demand is for inner strength to endure it and depending on the circumstances and how much support you have around you, it can affect how well you cope.  Sometimes being alone can put you in the company of your worst enemy.

I’ve had conversations with others who have evoked the same emotion at that moment that they felt at the time when recalling something that made them sad.  It’s amazing how the heart can hold onto an emotion for what seems like an eternity even well after a challenging transition has concluded.  I think sometimes it can feel surprising that our emotion just sits there below the surface, dormant until something triggers it.

I feel that this recent experience was meant to break me open yet again to propel me onto a new path and eventually when I do take a glance back to see how far I’ve come I will be surprised, monumental change is ahead and it’s all positive!

My faith was challenged, as was my inner strength but now I say “Bring it On!”, I have the determination to not let my challenges or tests break or weaken me, I know they are meant to make me stronger.  It all starts with taking that “leap of faith”; a real “leap of faith” means believing in something so fiercely that there is no possibility for any other outcome other than that which you believe in.  That belief cannot be deterred by circumstance, delay or setbacks; it is ignited by signs and omens that insinuate and fan the flames of our imagination and intuition of that which we see in our mind’s eye and will come to be.

Remember, it’s not about what you take with you, it’s about what you build and authenticity is the most important character trait you can possess.  Genuine, heartfelt emotional connections to others are the bread of life and it’s through those connections that we find who we are meant to be, what we are meant to do and where we are meant to go and ultimately who will be with us.

Those kindred spirits are the ones we are meant to connect with, the ones we travel through this life with and the ones we can’t do without.  Build that life and only happiness can follow.

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I Appreciate It!

Be Thankful in All Things!

When you have appreciation for all things in your life I believe that creates a trickle effect and the positive occurrences continue throughout your day as your appreciation grows.

So you wake up a little late but luckily it’s a good hair day, the outfit you picked out feels perfectly comfortable and even though you didn’t have enough time to fix yourself a morning snack things are going good.  On your way to work every light is green so you arrive 10 minutes early and when you get there you find that your boss brought in coffee and muffins for everyone.  Perfect, morning snack problem solved!  I’ve had this kind of day and it’s only gotten better from there and I really do believe it’s because I am able to get so excited about the little things.  I’ve found that when I approach life from that mindset great things just keep happening.  Others have told me that I just have “good luck” and even though that is probably part of it I think the other part is the mindset.  It’s all in what you believe and how you perceive your life to be going.  I also believe I have “good luck” and that belief helps to create that good luck and keep it flowing (Law of Attraction).

Have you ever been driving down the road toward the green light and thinking it’s going to change and then it does, I know that’s a chance thing but I do think it’s also a belief thing, try saying out loud to the universe “thank you for not changing until I get through”.

Every time I’ve headed off to the grocery store, shopping mall or anywhere that requires parking I always head to the spots closest to the store and much to the chagrin of my passenger who says “it’s packed, you’re never going to find a spot up there” and I always respond “my parking spot is always at the front”, and it always goes just that way.  I will get there and the spot will be free or someone will just be pulling out and it’s not just because I’m lucky but because I’m already appreciating the universe for providing me with that great parking spot I’m envisioning.  I’ve been successful with this process even at Christmas (the busiest of seasons), the biggest part of it is living in appreciation and thanking the universe for these wonderful and lucky opportunities.

So I tried to explain this mindset to a friend who said, ok, I’ll try it, but I don’t think it’s going to change anything.  Right there!  That’s it!  You’ve just cut it off from having the chance to happen.  If you don’t honestly believe in the mindset and you’re already knocking it down with a “sure I’ll try it but I don’t believe it will work” then the universe will give you exactly what you believe!  Again, Law of Attraction.

I truly find excitement in the smallest things and I realize that finding a great parking spot or the perfect tasting coffee is so minimal and trivial but in reality if I can find excitement and appreciation in those then the bigger things will be that much better and I will be that much more excited and appreciative.  The outcomes for these types of positive experiences I’ve had, big or small, have taught me that this mindset definitely works.

Along with developing and believing wholeheartedly in this mindset, you must also believe it in your subconscious and it has to feel natural.  An example is the friend I tried to explain the mindset to above, the reason it was so difficult to accept is because changing the belief system that way didn’t at all feel natural.  I really wish I had a strategy I could recommend that would work for making this kind of adjustment to your belief system and having it feel natural.  There was no adjustment for me to make as I’ve always viewed things from this perspective and mindset so natural is how it has always felt.

I do know that when it comes to anything in your life and making changes it all starts with you:

–          you really have to want it

–          you really have to believe in yourself

–          live in appreciation

When you have all of these beliefs you can do anything you want to!


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