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Stress for Less!

Can You Afford It?

I think we all can, it’s just a matter of figuring out what strategy works best for each of us as individuals because what works for one doesn’t always work for another.  Everything that goes on in our daily lives can be considered some level of stress, the more you have on your plate, the more you have to manage and that can create stress.  Remember when you were young and the most you had to manage was who’s house you were going to play at?

Even though we have more technology to help us manage it all, we still even have to manage the time we put into that as well.  Crazy!  That’s like stress upon stress, no wonder some of us are so frazzled at the end of the day.


I have been told that I normalize stress, which actually seems to work in my favor because that adaptation provides me with the benefit of not having my stress affect my overall health and well-being.  It no longer feels like stress because I have altered my perception which has in turn allowed me to adapt faster than I would have in the past.

How do you deal with the everyday stress in your life?  Is it healthy and productive or dragging you down?

Stress can affect us medically in so many different ways and just as we are all unique, so is our internal reactions to stress.  Stress starts on the inside, it’s an emotion that can wreak havoc on your entire system and alter your quality of life either mildly or drastically.

Stress SymptomsSome of the ways I have noticed the effects of stress are:

–          Internalizing:  Holding in your stress is similar to holding in any other emotion.  It can only be bottled up for so long before it blows up and depending on what your breaking point is it could have either mild or major negative results.

–          Vocalizing:  Definitely not holding in stress but rather allowing it to have its effect in the current moment.  How beneficial this is depends on how you are vocalizing your disdain, whether it is very negative or if it is productive but healthy.

–          Projecting:  I believe that when someone is projecting it is a result of holding in the emotion and the negativity of holding it in is getting close to reaching its boiling point.  The projecting could be for a period of time before the final blow-up occurs and that is because the internalization method can no longer sustain it.

–          Physically:  Stress can cause mock symptoms of many different health issues and can even have your doctor wondering what’s going on.  I have experienced this dilemma and my doctor tried so many different medications for a year and was still stumped.  It wasn’t until I changed my physical presence in a situation that everything magically went away.

You could put two people in the same exact situation and each of them would experience it differently, same goes for how that situation affected them emotionally.  So it’s not far off to know that the stress and level of it would be completely different which is why it would be so difficult for a doctor to try to follow any guideline, the diagnosis for one may not or won’t be the same for the other.

I believe one of the healthiest ways to deal with any stress in your life is talking it out with a trusted friend because that friend may be able to help you work through it, whether that is just by listening or offering ideas and/or solutions to eliminate or at least reduce it.  Honestly just being able to talk it out with a friend has been my best defence against stress as well you get the opinion of someone who isn’t as close to your stress as you are.

Another healthy outlet for stress is humor, if you can find the humor in most situations it eases the level of stress, maybe not fully but enough to make it more manageable at times.  Plus a good dose of roaring laughter does relieve stress and tension, even if it’s only for a moment.

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Merry Christmas!

Best Wishes to All for a Very Happy Holiday Season!

Peace, Health & Happiness

Enjoy your Christmas

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Happiness – Does it Define Your Real Age?

Good Relationships, Good Health

I love this concept!  I believe, if you have happy and healthy relationships you are likely to feel much more energized and inspired which will be reflected in your overall health and appearance.  What you exude (negative or positive) will be clearly displayed in your interactions with others and I believe that affects how we age.  I’ve known people that have physically looked younger or older than they actually are and I’ve noticed that the common thread amongst those that looked younger is they all have some form (if not many) of positive output, a happiness within one or many areas of their life.   It is the same for those that look older except that the output is negative and also in one or many areas of their life.  Both states of being have a distinctive effect on your overall appearance and that can change the perception of your biological age to either end of the scale.  In a world where we are encouraged to strive to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance, this to me would be the least invasive on our wallets and our health.  I don’t believe in any way that it’s necessary to alter our real selves to meet any standard other than what you yourself desire and makes you feel good.  I do believe that if you’re not happy within it won’t matter how much you alter on the outside because the two won’t match and any inner conflict will still be there.

When we are either happy or sad it affects our health, sometimes mildly, sometimes in a more significant way.  I’m rarely negative, it just doesn’t fit and I can’t adapt to it, but on the days when I’m feeling low I find that the mirror isn’t as friendly and the reflection seems a little older than the days when I’m feeling happier, positive and upbeat.

It’s been said that our kids keep us young and I think that’s because even though they drain us (physically or emotionally) from time to time they are still little gifts of inspiration that we have been blessed with.  So along that same line, our friends and relationships can also help to keep us younger but I do believe that those relationships need to be healthy and equal.  Not everyone around me is a perfect fit for me but the ones that matter the most are and they are the ones that fuel my inspiration, hope and faith.

In turn when you are the one fueling others inspiration, hope and faith you will also benefit because the feelings that you are creating in others are also created within you which then stimulates your inner happiness, it’s like a massage from the inside out and it gets all the juices flowing.  That increase elevates your energy and mood and when you’re feeling good, you look good.

Check out this definition I googled for Happiness (Number 3), unbeknownst to me at that time, when my daughter was born I named her Felicity.  She’s definitely plays the most prominent role in my happiness!

Definition of HAPPINESS:

  1. Good fortune – obsolete, prosperity.
  2. Joy, a state of well-being or contentment, a pleasurable or happy experience.
  3. Felicity, Aptness

So if you are a good friend to others and generate an overall positive attitude you are likely to have an overall younger appearance, in my opinion that’s a great anti-aging solution.

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Thoughts for Thanksgiving

Thanks and Gratitude

As we all celebrate Thanksgiving in Canada or look forward to Thanksgiving in the U.S. I wanted to acknowledge the many things in my life with honor, thanks and gratitude:

Thank-You for my Beautiful Daughter and Family:

Even though we don’t all always agree for short or even too long of periods at times, I do remember and recognize whether we have agreed or not that there are some very good moments I will always cherish and appreciate.  Everything in our lives happens for a reason, some of our family members are meant to love us, challenge us and/or help us to grow.  There is a specific purpose for their placement in our lives whether we want to acknowledge it or resist it will determine what we are blessed to learn.  I have spent time resisting (and by that I mean being emotionally stubborn) only to discover that once I let things be as they are (give up the fight to be right, whether I was right or not) it became significantly easier on my heart and spirit.   

Thank-You for my Good Health:

I have the physical capabilities to take on any task or challenge that I wish to like participating in sports or parking my car at the furthest area of a parking lot because I am more than capable to walk the distance to the door without getting tired, having trouble breathing or experiencing pain.  I do not have any visual impairments or neurological delays that could inhibit me in any way.  Even though we see our abilities as being a part of our everyday lives it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate that things could be much different and much more challenging and honor those that power through them with true determination and courage.

Thank-You for my Irreplaceable Friends:

Friendship is one relationship that transcends barriers on so many levels, I think especially so for women, because our most meaningful connections are preferred to be at a very deep level and we are innately more tuned to that desire.  I have a select few of friends that are easily the most invaluable because like family, they can also love, challenge and help us to grow but from a different perspective.  Unlike family that are born or married within the lineage, friends are drawn to each other because of similarities in our faith, hopes and desires in life.

Thanks You for my Opportunities:

I have had so many great opportunities so far and I know that there are many more to come.  Opportunities haven’t always come in the form I have expected but luckily I’ve had fantastic signs and in the last 10 years I’ve been blessed to learn how to recognize them for what they are.  It wasn’t always easy for me to recognize even the most obvious sign but once I tuned into my inner spirit (my gut instinct) and starting listening and allowing it to guide me the signs became more abundant and easier to read.

I have had a lot of changes through the last 15 years, some have been difficult, some have been easy, but all have been necessary.  Regardless of whether they were desired or not I am thankful that they came at all and recognize that in the bigger picture they serve a purpose.  Even if I don’t see or understand what that purpose may be in the now, I have faith that eventually the wisdom will come whether it is through my Family, my Health, my Friends, or my Opportunities.

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It’s All About Your Image

How Healthy is it?

I think everyone at one time or another, or maybe still, has had an unhealthy view of how they perceive themselves when they look in the mirror or step on the scale.  It seems like every aspect of life is incessantly defined and examined through various outlets of media attention highly focused on body image and the labels that are attached to it.

The negative focus on body image that is determining what is and isn’t beautiful is being projected by way of judgement and it’s so very wrong.  We are all individuals, unique only to ourselves, how can one projection of what is beautiful possibly be a one size fits all for everyone, there are distinct pieces of beauty within all of us.  You may have had the moment, as I’ve had, of staring in the mirror or at a picture taken and picking out all the imperfections that you see but not everyone sees those specific imperfections.  That is the part of us that is searching to measure up to the portrayal of “what beauty is” and it only takes one remark that pokes fun at that soft spot and it can possibly send you down the road of hurt and self-loathing, no one should have to endure that.

I’ve never defined who I associate with based on anything other than the person I see within, we are either compatible or we aren’t, and outward beauty has absolutely nothing to do with it.  I don’t believe that beauty is defined simply by appearance, not to say I don’t notice someone at first glance that has physical beauty but the real deal is beneath what we see on the surface.  The most significant aspect of a healthy body image starts from the inside out and the main concern should be physical health.  As long as your own physical health is not threatened than I say do what pleases you with pride.

Everything in our life affects what we project outwardly and what we project outwardly is a large part of our beauty and can be deeply affected by the positive or negative attitude of choice.  From my own experiences, I’ve noticed that I’m drawn to both the positive and negative for two very different reasons.

Those that have a positive attitude and state of being are usually energetic, ambitious and happy, I find their company to be alluring, intoxicating and contagious.

I’m drawn to some (not all) that have a negative attitude because my desire to share, inspire and cultivate the positive is so strong and I do believe that half of that negativity is not being able to see their own beauty.

The effects of other’s opinions can definitely contaminate our personal views of our own body image which then derails our confidence and self-esteem, and that opens up the breeding ground for negativity.  That negativity can alter our physical appearance in ways we couldn’t have expected.

How you view your personal appearance is significant to you first, it’s not about what others think you should or shouldn’t wear, eat or shouldn’t eat;  it’s about how you feel.  I think that when you are feeling most comfortable and healthy within your own skin you will find that the beauty you then project outward will be one of contentment and confidence in:

–          Knowing who you are

–          Embracing who you are

–          Loving who you are

When this point is reached it becomes really easy to let go of the expectations or labels that you may have allowed to temporarily change who you are and that opens the door to a much happier and healthier personal image.


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