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A Friend Indeed!

The Connections We Build

Throughout my life I’ve known acquaintances that have turned into friends and friends that have turned into acquaintances. All of them have brought something to my life whether through caring, sharing or clearing. Just because the plan is not for them to stay doesn’t mean their presence and/or effect isn’t beneficial, all experiences have the gift of lessons learned which bring about some form of personal growth and wisdom.

Not every experience has been a joyful one but I have always been able to find the lesson, maybe not right away but eventually and knowing that there is always something to be gained and that “everything happens for a reason” helps to keep me from having regrets. I try to approach every new experience with an open heart, open mind and eyes wide open without bringing anything from the past except the wisdom gained. That’s not always easy especially if there are similarities and warning bells going off but all of us are unique therefore the experiences will also be unique regardless if something feels the same, sometimes past emotions of “hurt” can cause you to overthink. Sometimes continually reminding yourself that “all experiences are not the same” is a necessity to keep your head on the level.

look for the learning

The human experience is supposed to be challenging, if it weren’t don’t you think you would be bored and looking for a challenge? I don’t think it’s supposed to just be go to work, earn your money, make house and then surrender when you get to old age. It’s the experiences in between that make up the life, the connections that don’t necessarily have any kind of shared history but manifest when nothing monumental is happening, they create the memories and nice pictures we keep in our minds and hearts to strengthen these connections.

These connections whether they have history or not become a strong foundation, I believe it’s just the occurrence of souls finding other familiar souls. Souls, like friends, travel though many lives together and because of the human experience we don’t know or remember the past lives but our souls do, we just naturally gravitate toward one another and experience an instant connection like we’ve known each other forever.

Have you ever felt that kind of instant and strong connection with someone?

If so, has it continued to strengthen over time?

Do you continually discover new things about them that are oddly but warmly familiar?

A lot of friends and acquaintances that come, go or stay in your life bring with them the challenges that will help to shape you as you go forward through life and for me it’s been the friend that keeps me on the rails, pumped up enough to persevere but grounded enough to remain humble that has helped me the most. I find though that even the new friends and connections I make now are more in alignment with my path because I have more direction in my life than I did when I was in my 20’s and more interest in the quality of it, the meaningless tends to fall away over time.

care enough to be there

It is great though when people who you have lost touch with that held a special place in your life come back in to once again share and connect. I believe we do transition both in and out of people lives at certain times not for any other reason than that there is another path we need to be on to grow and when/if those paths eventually meet up again what comes with it is a warmth of familiarity and history.

Don’t waste your connections, they may be Priceless!

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Happiness – Does it Define Your Real Age?

Good Relationships, Good Health

I love this concept!  I believe, if you have happy and healthy relationships you are likely to feel much more energized and inspired which will be reflected in your overall health and appearance.  What you exude (negative or positive) will be clearly displayed in your interactions with others and I believe that affects how we age.  I’ve known people that have physically looked younger or older than they actually are and I’ve noticed that the common thread amongst those that looked younger is they all have some form (if not many) of positive output, a happiness within one or many areas of their life.   It is the same for those that look older except that the output is negative and also in one or many areas of their life.  Both states of being have a distinctive effect on your overall appearance and that can change the perception of your biological age to either end of the scale.  In a world where we are encouraged to strive to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance, this to me would be the least invasive on our wallets and our health.  I don’t believe in any way that it’s necessary to alter our real selves to meet any standard other than what you yourself desire and makes you feel good.  I do believe that if you’re not happy within it won’t matter how much you alter on the outside because the two won’t match and any inner conflict will still be there.

When we are either happy or sad it affects our health, sometimes mildly, sometimes in a more significant way.  I’m rarely negative, it just doesn’t fit and I can’t adapt to it, but on the days when I’m feeling low I find that the mirror isn’t as friendly and the reflection seems a little older than the days when I’m feeling happier, positive and upbeat.

It’s been said that our kids keep us young and I think that’s because even though they drain us (physically or emotionally) from time to time they are still little gifts of inspiration that we have been blessed with.  So along that same line, our friends and relationships can also help to keep us younger but I do believe that those relationships need to be healthy and equal.  Not everyone around me is a perfect fit for me but the ones that matter the most are and they are the ones that fuel my inspiration, hope and faith.

In turn when you are the one fueling others inspiration, hope and faith you will also benefit because the feelings that you are creating in others are also created within you which then stimulates your inner happiness, it’s like a massage from the inside out and it gets all the juices flowing.  That increase elevates your energy and mood and when you’re feeling good, you look good.

Check out this definition I googled for Happiness (Number 3), unbeknownst to me at that time, when my daughter was born I named her Felicity.  She’s definitely plays the most prominent role in my happiness!

Definition of HAPPINESS:

  1. Good fortune – obsolete, prosperity.
  2. Joy, a state of well-being or contentment, a pleasurable or happy experience.
  3. Felicity, Aptness

So if you are a good friend to others and generate an overall positive attitude you are likely to have an overall younger appearance, in my opinion that’s a great anti-aging solution.

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