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The Magic of the Season

The Spirit in My Christmas

What does the holiday season mean to you? Does it mean too much hustle, too much spending and way too busy? If it does I think you may have become disconnected from the true meaning and value of the holiday season.

magic of the season

The Spirit of Christmas is supposed to carry so much more than just how much you’re hoping to get or how much you’ve given. The holidays should be a source of happiness, the time to connect with the people you may not see so much during the year, to celebrate with those you love and cherish and remember those that are no longer here with you. It is the family traditions from the holidays that keep us rooted within our heritage, connected to our past, remain active in our present and are carried into our future.

For me it’s not just the 12 days of Christmas but rather my 6 most cherished spirits of Christmas:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Gratitude
  • Compassion
  • Giving
  • Sharing

I think it’s important to embrace these spirits all year long but I find for myself that they become heightened during the holiday season. It starts with the music and lights and I know many don’t want it but I love the addition of snow because it makes the holiday that much more magical, everything sparkles so much more with the backdrop of beautiful white snowflakes. It takes the season in the direction that the best stories of Christmas have come from, like sledding down the hills.

There is so much creativity that comes from everyone during this time, not just with their lights but food and crafts too, not everything needs to be bought the best creations are those that are made from a pure place of love. I think probably everyone has at least one but probably more arts and crafts from their children displayed somewhere within their decorative décor and likely well past the years when their kids originally made it because it has become part of the tradition.

My traditions? The entire family stuffing themselves until they feel too full to eat another bite, listening and/or singing the songs, kids running around creating all sorts of havoc, laughing and being crazy. It’s all about visiting and sharing good food, good drinks and good conversation with good company and if there is someone new to include into the festivities, even better because there is always room for new friends.

I know the holiday season doesn’t provide everyone with the warmth and joy that it does for me and I believe that the spirits of compassion and giving become even more important to share with those you encounter that aren’t feeling the love. It doesn’t take a huge gesture to share the season, sometimes the smallest acts carry the biggest weight.

Tis the Season, embrace and enjoy it!

seasons greetings

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Christmas Magic

Lives in the Spirit of the Season

Well this Christmas season really kept me busy, right from the beginning of December and every time I felt like I was finally catching up I would fall behind again.  This unfortunately kept me from my writing but honestly when I’m so busy it’s hard to relax my mind and let the creative side flow and I really want to put out something that people can connect with.  Even though it’s through social media and not personal (face to face) connection, for me it needs to feel genuine and I hope it does for you.  I welcome any and all comments, I find sometimes that even the smallest thing said can inspire another thought in me that can bring greater enlightenment and awareness that I can hopefully share with all of you.

I did find that even though this season usually has everyone rushing around that there were many people (strangers) that didn’t seem as stressed this year and seemed to really be living in the spirit of the season.

What does Christmas mean to you?  Are you feeling the true spirit of the season?

The best gifts one can receive are not available in stores, you can’t buy a close connective bond with someone, you can’t buy a family to share the season with and you can’t buy love.

If you had asked me at this time last year what I thought next Christmas was going to be like I wouldn’t have answered with how it has actually been, which is better than I had expected.  The changes I had experienced this year, some more challenging than others, opened up new paths and took me in directions that have enriched my life in ways I didn’t realize were there.

Even though I’ve embraced this holiday season every year with joy I found that this year felt positively different, like something changed although I don’t think it was just the season or those around me, it was me as well.

a change of feeling, a change of destiny

Although, I wasn’t pointedly changing the way I look at things for any particular reason, I didn’t have a plan to do so.  I think certain challenges this year changed me and as a result that also changed the way I look at things.  Things that carried a certain level of significance were diminished and other aspects that weren’t as significant became more important.  All those levels changed for me and those changes affected my outlook and perspective, obviously a greater clarity was in the cards for me or the universe wouldn’t have created the opening that brought me to this place.

Because of this change of feeling Christmas came in this year feeling warmer than ever and it feels like this is the beginning of a new chapter, one that is on the upswing and is going to bring more depth to my life.

It is my belief that life changing events, in whatever form they come through in, expose and cleanse the soul and how we transcend through them can elevate our awareness in all aspects of our lives and can be especially heightened by Christmas Magic.  This is what I experienced as my change of feeling and that awareness, although not expected, has brought more feelings of positive energy and a greater sense of faith in life and that things will work out as they are meant to.

Christmas is the holiday that reaches the soul, it is meant to bring people together whether they are family or not, to join with each other to honor the season and celebrate the love we have for those in our lives and share compassionately with those that may be struggling.

Even though there are challenges throughout the years that sometimes feel too difficult to get past there is one thing that never changes – the feeling of magic at Christmas.  It can transport you back to cherished memories and traditions that were the beginning of the many years to come for creating and building upon that Christmas Magic.

Christmas is also the reminder that a new year is just around the corner and I think that the magic swirling around from the Christmas season enhances my excitement for the opportunities I feel are on the horizon.  I definitely have a good feeling about 2014, there are indications all around for each of us that can help lead to the path of greater happiness, you just have to be open and aware.  The universe leads us down certain paths to help and teach us how to find greater awareness for the path we are destined to be on.

Embrace your mistakes as much as your victories because both have lessons within.

Merry Christmas to all, I wish everyone a happy, healthy and positive holiday season.  I hope you all get what you have wished for and more.

happy holidays


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Merry Christmas!

Best Wishes to All for a Very Happy Holiday Season!

Peace, Health & Happiness

Enjoy your Christmas

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