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Feed Your Purpose First!

Does Your Cup Runneth Over?

It took me so long to learn and actually understand the true meaning of this phrase?  I’d heard it many many times before but didn’t really know what it meant and I wanted to share a point of view that I recently learned relating to this.Your cup, essentially, is your lifeline, and as long as you feed and maintain your level in this cup then what spills over the edge is what you have to offer to those who are in your life.  If I let my cup go below level then how can I possibly feed the lifeline of those that I take care of or those that depend on me if I’ve depleted it so much that nothing can spill over.

In feeding my purpose first it allows me the energy, inspiration, creativity and motivation to keep that cup full and overflowing.  This is a cycle that continues and will continue to gain momentum as long as I am feeding my purpose first.  It’s when I start to put others ahead of my LIFE NEEDS that I end up depleting myself and that is a cycle that I cannot afford to let happen.

There is nothing more motivating for me then to have my cup full and overflowing, and what I have running over is the spread of positive light and energy, which of course becomes more and more motivating for me.  The cycle of the positive gains speed just as well as the negative, except for one big difference.  To me the negative is cancer and I have no intention of spreading that in any way, shape or form.

My observations of the differences between positive and negative energy are that they show up physically on a person.

 Someone who is experiencing negative thinking and energy has a darkness about them (the equivalent of the sad person walking around with a cloud of rain over their head).  They sometimes look pale or gray, tired, gaunt and unhealthy.  Their body language can almost seem angry and uninviting.

Someone who is experiencing positive thinking and energy has a glow about them (the equivalent of the happy person with the rosy cheeks and big smile).  Their appearance is that of infectious radiance and the picture of health.  They are exuding confidence and are usually quite energetic and open.

I have always been very interested and intrigued by the many unique personalities that are in this world and the only way I can truly understand how some people work is to make sure that I listen and observe fully with an open mind.

My goal is to always have my cup running over, spilling out positive light and energy to all that come into or through my life.   That is not only feeding my purpose but it is what I believe my purpose in this life is.


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