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Divine Timing

Taking the steps you feel guided to take

The Past has Passed – reflect to learn and grow but do not stay!

The Present is Presence – the current moment is where opportunity begins

The Future you Manifest – what energetic house are you building?

Divine timing!  This is a phrase I keep hearing these days and I do believe in it but if you are anywhere near as impatient as I am then you are also finding these words at times do nothing to sustain or quiet the energy within that wants to forge ahead and get things done.  I have had to really dial it back over the last few years and while I continue to learn how to adapt and be comfortable with this kind of restraint I’ve also come to appreciate and understand the importance of it.  One of my thoughts about what some of the many blessings are within divine timing is understanding that no matter how self-motivated you may be there is no forcing anything forward until it is the right time and perfectly aligned.  You absolutely have no choice but to sit back and let the Universe take whatever time schedule is in its plan to manifest and have faith!  Be realistic enough with yourself to recognize and accept that along with everyone else you also have flaws, no one is perfect and no one knows it all so don’t hold yourself to a plan you set out on from a different circumstance or mindset, sometimes the picture changes.  Stay Open!

A large part of my life’s lessons have been centered around patience and when it comes to the Universe and divine timing there is nothing I can do to change the speed of the timeline for my own development and manifestation, regardless of how much I try to will things to hurry along.  I constantly have a plethora of ideas which enhance and inspire my goals.  When I can see that vision ahead it becomes very difficult for me to rein in my anticipation and excitement, aah that beautiful impatience of mine.  Anything other than acceptance only serves to bring me anxiety and stress which is essentially resistance and that further slows down my universal timeline.  I’m learning it’s best to just leave things alone (still learning, not yet mastered), allow whatever will be to be, not focus on the progress of the timeline and always pay attention to the signs that come up along the way.  The signs you receive are the assurance, affirmation and encouragement to let you know where you are on your path.  Clear away any negative thinking, be open and willing to receive or you may miss them.  If something feels off then it is time to give your inner voice the platform, let your gut guide you and listen to it!  When you disregard your gut instinct and go against it regret for not validating that voice will follow.

It is my thought that if you have a strong intuition (empathic, psychic or both) it may be a bigger challenge to sit back and allow time to flow as intended because your sense of knowing, that sneak peak, can either allow you to be calm knowing something is on its way or excited and impatient for it to occur.  If you have been sensing/feeling something big and/or life changing has been orbiting just outside your perimeter but are having difficulty trying to identify where it’s all coming from or what “it” is you may be on the precipice of your own soul’s awakening.  Much like your growth and experiences your awakening would progress and evolve as you align with new and heightened levels of awareness unfortunately there is no handbook and believe me I know how much easier it would be if there was.

In exploring soul awakening, what seems to be coming to the forefront in the last while is the “twin flame” journey which seems to be transitioned from “soulmate” depending upon which theory you hear, maybe it’s just me but it seems to be popping up more frequently. Perhaps there is a newer label already although it doesn’t matter so much, I think it is the thought of providing hope for the belief held in the one’s heart which is more about the experience than the fashionable label.  We all have an equal, your person, the one you connect with for your greater soul’s journey and the call when heard by your soul opens the protected depths of your heart, sometimes you don’t even know how or why this has been stirred.  Have you heard yours?

It is the one you are inexplicably drawn to even though your brain is saying “no this cannot be”, your intuition/gut instinct keeps pulling you back making it hard to comprehend or understand such polarity.  It is the one that speaks to only your soul, the one that you are connected to spiritually regardless of if you have encountered each other in the physical realm at all.  Only you will know if you have you felt this connection and only your gut will know if you are truly hearing it or trying to re-direct and force it in the direction of instant gratification or false desire.

This connection is one that goes beyond the limits of what feels/seems realistic and only those souls that have been awakened will likely relate. It is my belief that your twin flame is the one that you have unknowingly been trying to change every one of your relationships into, a coat that just did not fit any other person and not knowing why you are doing this except that something in you (your soul) is driving that heart’s desire. Not even having the awareness that this is what you’ve been doing until you have been awakened and then, finally, the realizations (aha moments) become so transparent you are mystified to understand why something that seems so clear now was such a mystery to you before.

I would never say I have it all figured out, I still have a long journey ahead and much more alternate perspectives to investigate but I have always been eager to embrace and explore the various directions in which my thoughts and ideas travel whether they are inspired through spirit channel or my own intuition and this has been a great benefit to keeping me open.  I’m not fully schooled on the specifics of the twin flame journey or soulmates and for me it doesn’t really matter, I feel it’s more about how I relate to it and how it relates to me.  Through my own individual experiences I have acquired bruises, cracks and scars, as we all do, and it is through these openings that light has the opportunity to get in and heal.  I have developed the overall understanding that my experiences are opportunities not punishment, if I choose to be close-minded about them in that way I will not gain any personal expansion or awareness.  The opportunity given with each experience is that you can learn, grow and find something positive you can take away from it, even the terrible experiences contain some form of education, if you’ve learned that is positive.  Or you can choose blame and as a result and torture yourself by continually running that hamster wheel, ruminating, regenerating and giving extended life to those thoughts that bring you grief or sadness.  I think it’s important to note that the wheel being circular means there is never an off-ramp and until “you decide” to step off you risk running that continuum, endlessly stuck.

It is my belief that when you align yourself with someone who is not “your person” whether out of impatience, loneliness, desperation, etc., then you are settling.  Now at the same time I don’t like to question the divine, there could be a reason for a misconnection, you may be meant to align yourself with a specific person who isn’t “your person” but who will usher in certain lessons (difficult and sometimes necessary ones) to elevate you to the level and put you in alignment with “your person”. I am not insinuating that your person is either higher or lower than you but rather that when you meet is when you have ascended to an equal level. For example your person may have already gone through a difficult lesson and has grown/elevated or vice versa and therefore either one of you may need to transition through another “experience” so you can align with each other. It might also be that only one is awakened or maybe both are but one hasn’t realized where the call is coming from even though their soul hears it.

There are many different thoughts and reasons things occur as they do in each of our lives and no one person can or should be telling you how to manage your life.  I think the best thing you can do for yourself is to be an open channel so divine timing has the opportunity to become the magical force behind living your best life.

Everything happens to heal and beautify your soul in ways you can’t imagine until you happen into your greatest soul’s desire.

Love is your only way!


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