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Boundary Free!

Choose Your Own Life

No one should be limited in any area of their life, no person or entity has the right to put restrictions on anyone based on their own personal judgement or society’s influence.  Everyone is entitled to fair treatment and equal opportunity, things like gender, skin color, disabilities, sexual orientation or cultural background should not be a point of consideration at any time.  We are all human beings, we are either one or the other anatomically, we pump the same blood and breathe the same air and that should be what is recognized.



With our new world of internet, social media and connecting through various sites, sometimes we do not have any idea of what the person looks like on the other end but yet we find a way to connect as human beings, that’s something to think about isn’t it?  I realize that there are certain expectations associated within certain areas of life and social or professional situations but everyone should have the opportunity to fit in.

There are all sorts of inspirational people around us, the question is do you recognize them for what they have to offer you in the way of inspiration, hope or faith?  Those people are the catalysts for positive change and represent everything we need to develop belief in ourselves.

All cultures have so much to offer each of us by way of learning, it’s not likely that we are going to adopt every part of any culture but I like to learn and adopt at least one thing from them all because not only does it enrich my life but it expands my world around me which in turn connects me to yet another diverse aspect of humanity.Culture signs

We’re not all meant to be the same, it’s the diversity that helps maintain the balance of the universe and it’s that diversity that helps us all to learn, grow and develop.  I couldn’t imagine going through my entire life and not learning or developing any further than the mindset that was formed in my early years.  I think in a way discriminating against others keeps your mindset in a negative zone and that prevents you from progressing and learning because your focus can’t expand past the tunnel vision needed to maintain that mindset.

I have had the displeasure of hearing someone voice their opinion in a discriminatory manner and I don’t know of any way to counteract that behaviour gracefully besides just getting away from that person as fast as I can.  I’ve tried the route of offering some positive thoughts and theories but like all things negative, the grip of that negativity is so tight that is likely that your attempt at enlightenment just doesn’t get through.

Negative or Positive?  That is the battle, that is the balance and that is the diversity.  I do believe that people are gravitating more toward the positive, as the balance of that scale continues to shift I find that the world around me continues to surprise me in a positive way.

–         Choose Your Own Life

–         Follow Your Passion

–         Pursue Everything You Desire

–         Don’t Quit

–         Believe in Yourself

–         Have Faith

Every time someone has told me I can’t do something I intend to prove them wrong, partly because I’m stubborn but the other part is because I’m going to try.  I challenge as many barriers as I can because I won’t allow anyone to put limits on what I can achieve and it’s important to me that I maintain a strong belief in myself.

Dream, Walt Disney


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