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Better Days Ahead

Healing to Move Forward

Healing within to move forward can be quite a challenge at times, it requires letting go of the past hurts and that takes a great deal of inner strength and discipline.

Sometimes it can feel almost impossible to let go of the hurt, especially if those feelings run deep but it is so important.  If you keep any hurt in your life on a daily basis it can potentially take over your life.  The longer you feed this emotion the more it will grow and sometimes it grows to  insurmountable and overwhelming proportions.

I myself have had this experience and when I was hurting so profoundly I found that I could hold onto and recount every detail and connective emotion exactly as if it had just happened. 

Every time you recount an experience it’s as if you are re-living it and that is what helps the seed of resentment take root.

  1. The first part of the process is acknowledgement, taking ownership of the part you play in harboring this hurt.
  2. Next is deciding to no longer allow it to have any power over your life, physically or emotionally.
  3. After you have truly embraced the first two steps you will find that moving forward happens so naturally and easily.

It will leave you wondering why you had held onto it for so long when it feels so good to finally let it go.  The feelings of letting go of such hurts has been described as a feeling of spiritual healing and like a weight instantly being lifted off.

The healing phase then starts and as every day passes you will find that you get further and further away from the hurt.   I found that after a period of time, that some of those details that I clung to so tightly were gone and I couldn’t recount at all anymore.  Letting go allows you to say this will no longer control or harm my life.

When you acknowledge, decide and let go you are not saying it’s ok that someone has hurt you, you are saying I’m allowing myself to heal and feel whole again.


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