We’re All Human

17 Nov

Respect and Forgiveness for yourself first!

We all have many challenges and tests throughout our lives, some are much harder than others and when we are in the middle of the harder lessons it can sometimes be really difficult to find the light at the end of the tunnel.  Once you finally come through it though it’s important to recognize and honor how much you have learned and progressed from it.  Have gratitude for having the strength to make it through and all that you’ve learned about yourself along the way.

I always find that at the beginning of something difficult I try to find answers and solutions.  It’s hard for me to have patience and it challenges my faith in my own belief that “Everything happens for a Reason”. 

Whether you’re successful or not depends on how you view it.  Everything happens for a reason, success or failure could be exactly that reason.  I find that the expectations I have for myself are so high that I don’t allow myself any room for error, when I fail I am very hard on myself.  So it’s very likely that when I experience failure, that is the lesson – to allow myself to make mistakes and handle them with integrity and to know that NO ONE is perfect so why should I expect perfection from myself 100% of the time.  Eventually the understanding of each lesson will come at the time when you are ready to accept it for the greater purpose it serves.

It’s so important to acknowledge where you’ve come from, how you got there, and the person you have become along the way.

When we hold on to resentment or anger ultimately we are hurting ourselves, not the people we have these feelings toward, and what we are really holding onto is the hurt.  In forgiving you are allowing yourself to move on and away from the terrible feelings, you’re allowing yourself to no longer hurt and to move forward to a happier life.  It’s such a hard thing to do but I can assure you, you can’t even imagine how much better life will be when you do.  Make the shift , forgive and move on to happiness, the LOA (Law of Attraction) will increase that state of being.

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