Signs Are All Around Us!

05 Jun

Pay Attention to Your Life

It’s amazing how many signs are actually around us on a daily basis that we miss.  Sometimes it’s because:

  1. We aren’t paying close enough attention to our lives
  2. The signs aren’t speaking loud enough for us
  3. We are ignoring them

Any one of these prevent us from experiencing what could potentially be an empowering personal growth opportunity.  These signs sometimes create those “aha” moments that we all seek,  those moments that lead us to a higher understanding and level.  I absolutely love those moments and I am constantly looking around for the greater reason behind all of my experiences in every part of my life because I know it’s there.  There are times when I am fully engaged and paying attention and still cannot see the signs.  Sometimes this is because I am too closely connected to any given situation to  have the clarity I need but I persevere because I am very committed to finding my reason for being.  I believe that in the grand scheme of things we are all connected to each other through a higher level, a higher sense of being, a higher power,  it’s just a matter of tapping into it.  Paying Attention!

 Our inner voice is always whispering to us and when I don’t pay attention, I get a shove, not literally, but one that says “hey, start listening to me”.   I’ve had times when I really disregarded my inner voice and ended up in an emotional and/or physical state of being that could have been avoided if I had been paying attention to the signs within and around me.  Our inner voice, gut instinct, intuition, whatever you want to call it, is wise beyond what we can understand and every time I choose not to listen I get thumped!  It’s the equivalent of the “I told you so”, except there is no judgment and the consequence is already occurring.

If you have an undesirable scenario that keeps playing within your life like a broken record and you keep ending up in the same place then it may be time to step back and analyze that so you are able to find a more productive and positive outcome.


Knowing how far things can progress in a situation before clarity and insight can finally occur depends on each individual, how in tune they are with themselves and how devoted they really are to getting in touch with their reason for being.

Everyone has their daily routines but don’t go through them blindly, our lives aren’t just supposed to be existing, they should be a living experience.

  • Be fully engaged
  • Be committed
  • Be aware
  • Ask questions
  • Pay attention



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2 responses to “Signs Are All Around Us!

  1. Danielle Navonne

    June 6, 2012 at 7:01 am

    This made me think about a relationship I had where everything in me kept saying it wasn’t a good match, but I went forward anyway. Turns out my “gut” was right in the worst way!! My lesson from that relationship was to trust my first mind. To trust my gut! Even though we don’t understand why our intuition is telling us something, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen.

    • shelleyhallmark

      June 6, 2012 at 1:50 pm

      So right! I’ve had the same experiences with relationships and I say relationship(s) because it took too long for me to start listening to my “gut instincts”. I also discovered that some of these relationships had an effect on my overall health and created health issues that ceased to exist when I finally moved in the direction my gut instincts had been telling me to go all along. I had never realized how extensive the areas contributing to my well-being were, and learning that literally everything we experience (good and bad) contributes to it was quite an eye opener. Thankfully I’ve finally learned to listen to my inner voice, it has changed my way of life for the better. Thanks for the AWESOME feedback Danielle!


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