Keeping Your Eye on the Prize!

02 Oct

Finding Your Motivation & Inspiration

My biggest motivation is “keeping my eye on the prize” when times are difficult, upsetting or somewhat depressing.  My prize is what’s ahead, the bigger picture, and that helps me to put the little things into perspective.  Sometimes I can give the little things way too much emphasis and in doing that I am allowing it to change my outlook and attitude and it’s that simple little change that can severely alter my path.  If you trace back to see how you got so off course at times you may find the same thing I have.  It’s hard to believe that some experiences, that are insignificant in the bigger picture, can change your entire direction in life.

It’s not that there are categories in life of what matters the most it’s just what category they fall into for each of us as individuals determines how much of an effect it may have on us.  Something that bothers or disrupts one person may not bother another at all and vice versa.  We are all so different and of course we are not all meant to mesh together perfectly, this scale of yin and yang is necessary for balance.

So when you are experiencing difficulty what helps you get you out of the rut?  It’s obviously healthier for each of us to find a positive way to manage in the middle of a storm, whatever that method may be, but recognize that you need to be able to weather it in a way that doesn’t damage you.

Besides focusing on where I’m trying to get to, I find it necessary to maintain some sort of healthy humor in my life.  If you can’t laugh at yourself at times, I believe you are really missing out, and thankfully I have some great friends that take joy in laughing at me and with me.

My inspiration is in many areas but mostly it comes from appreciating that I have who I need and what I need in my life.  Appreciating what you have rather than thinking about what you don’t have is the key to increasing your happiness, and for me happiness is very motivational and inspirational.

Sometimes it’s in the little moments that you find great inspiration.  There are many people and moments that I find inspirational, I don’t think I could really articulate it well except to say that it’s a feeling, a sense of connection to others and that it is very powerful and uplifting.  I find it to be similar to an “aha” moment, because it can feel that powerful.  Like the “aha” is the moment of greater insight, the “inspiration” is the moment of greater passion and purpose.  Inspiration helps to drive the motivation and at times when you have a difficult time sustaining the motivation try using “the prize” as that assistance.  Below is one of “my prizes” and I keep this visual picture and others in my mind and in front of me when I need it.

I don’t think it takes a lot of searching to find out what your “prizes” are, I believe everyone has them.  Finding your inspiration and motivation to create the reality is definitely worth it!

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