The Road Less Travelled

13 Mar

Is Usually the Easiest Path

The only thing is, it’s so easy that it can feel too good to be true and too easy to be right!  Are you searching to find your happiness or naturally allowing it to happen?

Allowing it to happen naturally is usually the road less travelled because it’s well-known that hard work presents the greatest rewards and while that is true, you also need to be open to allow the fruits of your labour to flourish.


The natural embrace of allowing things to occur creates a variety of opportunities that you might not have otherwise seen because you were too focused on controlling the outcome.  Being in control of your life is good but like everything variety is a necessity and too much control can diminish the element of surprise and opportunity.

When searching to find your happiness it can seem at times like things just aren’t going the way you want them and that’s because rather than trying to forcefully steer your ship against the current, you sometimes need to go with it and find the openings and opportunities along the way.  Like a give and go, you advance when the opening comes and hang back when it’s time to strategize for the next leg of the journey.

I have had difficulty at times because I am a “get it done now” type of person, when I know what I want I go in that direction and patience can be my opposition.  It’s difficult for me to rein it in and allow things to occur as they should because I know that ultimately the universe knows best and knows when the right time is for change to occur.  I do trust that but find that I have to remind myself constantly to have faith, pay attention to the signs and watch for the opportunities because they will come, hope guides me.

“When you follow your bliss doors will open where there were no doors before and where there are no doors for anyone else”  –  Joseph Campbell

My perspective on this quote is that no opportunity presented behind the door will be the same for any other individual.  We are all unique, no two people experience any one thing the same emotionally and our emotion is what connects us to others and helps us to determine what we like and don’t like, which in turn determines which direction we choose to go.  If you are following your bliss (allowing things to occur naturally) then you are more likely to be opening those doors.  If you are too focused on controlling where you want to go (searching for your happiness) then you may not even see the door of opportunity when it presents itself because you are closed off and going in one focused direction.

When you follow your bliss rather than search for it you aren’t forcing it and that is what opens up all the doors that you seek.  It is that relaxed state of being that creates the moments, the opportunities, the gifts and the happiness, like the phrase “good things come to those who wait”.  It doesn’t mean do nothing and wait for it, it means plant your seeds and wait for them blossom.

If you want something positive to happen in your life you first must be open to letting it in.

the road less travelled



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2 responses to “The Road Less Travelled

  1. Danielle Navonne

    March 19, 2013 at 5:36 am

    Shelley! I’ve missed reading your posts! I have to catch up! I’ve had a crazy few months, but as always, I read this just when I was supposed to.
    I have a tendency to be a control freak and over the past year, have just started learning how to go with the flow a little bit and ALLOW life to happen instead of trying to control it. I have found that I am, indeed, much happier this way. It is also a much more stress-free way to live, because I’m taking the pressure off of myself! It’s given me the freedom to just live and enjoy life as opposed to trying to figure it out at every turn (which is no fun! Lol).

    • shelleyhallmark

      March 19, 2013 at 10:05 pm

      It’s great to hear from you again Danielle! I have missed reading your positive feedback and I am so glad to hear from you again. 🙂 It’s crazy how much stress we can put on ourselves trying to “steer the ship”, it was a lot of hard work and continual reminding to train myself to let go of the reins but since I have I handle life as it comes to me and the occurrences seem to be not so overwhelming that way. When I was trying to control things and it didn’t go the way I wanted it was a lot more defeating because it felt like failure but now things flow a lot easier.


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