Envisioning Your Future

14 Mar

Seeing is Believing, Believing is Seeing

For myself, the beginning of this process was to first determine what it was that I really wanted out of my life.  This wasn’t something I was able to do instantaneously, it definitely took some serious reflection on where I’ve been, where I wanted to go, how I wanted to get there and who I wanted there with me.  In making that determination I had to remain true to my inner desires without compromising my inner self.  The course that I wanted to chart felt like a very natural progression and I knew I could easily fit into it without having to alter myself in any way.

When trying to figure out your ultimate calling these factors are very important, it should be a natural fit with who you already are.

Once I had it all figured out, it then transitioned so easily and so naturally that I wondered why I hadn’t discovered this path before.  I knew that I wasn’t living up to my true potential, I knew that I didn’t feel fulfilled.  There was always something that I felt I was supposed to be doing but couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

What I had been doing that prevented this natural transition, was resisting, although I didn’t know it until I had stopped.  The foundation of the resistance that I was creating was due to my indecision about what I wanted to envision for my future.  I couldn’t begin to believe if I didn’t know what it was that I wanted to see. 

Once you allow yourself to imagine the life you want, it becomes that much easier to create it.  I wrote out my own little “To Do” list with the steps in an order that would best help me to reach my ultimate goal.  Making this list was the easiest part of preparing for my future all I had to do was follow the steps I had planned out, if one didn’t work out as expected, I would re-organize my steps.

Visualization isn’t easy for everyone if you are having a tough time with it, then create a vision board and make sure you have it in a place where you will see it every day.  After a while you will be able to see your vision board in your mind without being in front of it, you can make mental alterations if you want to.  At that point you are now Visualizing, and doing it on your own.

There’s a reason why we go through the events we do and it is because they are the necessary steps that shape us into the people we need to be so we have all the tools we need for the future we are destined for.  Each event is designed to teach us something and the victory is when you’ve identified the lesson and used it to enhance your own personal growth.

I have used the Law of Attraction for many years and I can honestly say that everything I’ve ever really wanted and put my conscious and subconscious mind into I’ve achieved.  Anytime that something hasn’t worked for me wasn’t because the Law of Attraction wasn’t working it’s because I was blocking it in some way.

Keep your mind and heart open, see what you want and believe in it.  The more you believe in it, the more you will see it. 


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3 responses to “Envisioning Your Future

  1. DanielleNavonne

    March 15, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    Can TOTALLY relate to this Shelley. I was doing programming work before getting back into writing, and although I liked it, I definitely wasn’t fulfilled. Always felt that was another level of fulfillment that I was running from, afraid of, not making time for, etc. And as I began writing again, it was like “why haven’t you been doing this all along!” I feel so much more connected with myself (as cheezy as that may sound! 🙂

    I also did a vision board this year. It is a writing theme. It’s in an area where I can see it everyday. I don’t know if its the board, the conviction, or a combination of the 2, but I feel more like a writer than I ever have. And I feel more like myself than I ever have. You definitely have to see yourself there! Love it!

    • shelleyhallmark

      March 15, 2012 at 9:16 pm

      Thank-you so much Danielle! You made my day! I had asked a friend to read this blog and she said it was OK and although I always go with how I feel about things, the feedback helps me to get a better feel of how others are receiving it. Your take on what I wrote is exactly what I was aiming for when trying to explain my own personal journey and discoveries along the way and I believe that everyone comes to different perspectives at different times in their lives and when they are most open to receiving it. Everyone connects to a deeper level at different times so we can’t all be on the same page at the same time, I can only hope that we are all getting closer to the higher purpose we are all meant to serve. I really love how you articulated about your vision board and the conviction that helped you connect to a deeper level of yourself. I think it’s definitely a combination of the 2. Love it Back!

  2. DanielleNavonne

    March 16, 2012 at 10:14 pm

    No problem, shelley! 🙂 I know that feeling well. I went back and forth about my post from last week about not waiting for a huge stage to do what we were purposed to do ( ). It wasn’t what I initially intended to write, AT ALL (lol), so I was unsure. But it’s what came to me, so I stayed true with the words that came to me and got a lot of good feedback on it. That let me know that even though it wasn’t my original plan, it was still relevant and relatable to people.

    Keep it up!! Stay authentic to your message. It’s definitely one that needs to be heard.


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