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The Mastery of Will

You Attract What You Believe

It’s extremely important to really understand the depth and power your own thoughts command.  If someone told you that you created your reality with your thoughts, even the bad experiences that made their way into your life, would you believe it?

I have always embraced good thoughts and subsequent good experiences and even though I’ve always been aware of how impactful my thoughts are on my life I didn’t always connect them on the occasional time they would dip.  It is all energy and alignment, what you are emitting is what you will attract, keeping that in mind when something disappoints, saddens or hurts you will be your most important time of vigilance.

This isn’t to say that every bad experience you’ve had is your fault, you do not intentionally invite bad experiences but the energy swirling around you can.  Your energy has a magnetic field that attracts and pulls in like energy which is why it is so imperative to check in with yourself often, monitor and change your thoughts when necessary.

I do believe destiny plays a powerful role and that my experiences (good and bad) have always had something to teach me.  In the positive light after a negative experience I always look for the lesson, what can I take away from it?  Even an elevation in awareness from a negative experience becomes the positive light at the end of a dark tunnel.

The Human Factor:  When venturing down a negative road within your thoughts you are unconsciously constructing the prison your mind will be sentenced to live in, one that impacts your actions, your outlook and ultimately your quality of life.  Which side of that spectrum you lean toward (positive or negative) is the direction you alone get to choose.  Living in the positive significantly expands and cultivates positive thoughts, actions and outlook on life in growth and for me is the only way.

Every thing began with a thought.  Every achievement began with an action.  Everything you want in life is on the other side of those thoughts and actions.  Fear is the only thing that can stop you from chasing what you desire.  There are a few acronyms to define fear but I heard one the other day that is my new favourite and best describes my relationship with it when I let it in.

  • False
  • Expectations
  • Appearing
  • Real

That is exactly how it has felt when I’ve allowed myself to be infected by fear.  I would magnify those thoughts in my mind giving fear more life and power than it deserved.  Thankfully my determination to overcome that adversity is a much stronger will of mine than fear.  I absolutely refuse to let fear define me in any way.

You have to believe so strongly in yourself and the direction you are going toward that you are able to accomplish whatever it is you set your mind to.  It is within that belief (mastery of will) that you can achieve anything.

The Soul Within:  Hearing and heeding your inner voice is the most effective way to nurture the soul within, to help it flourish and to discover your destined path, divinely guided that is.

Let go of control and allow the Universe to bring toward you what is divinely guided and let your mind be.  There is no need to worry or stress about it, what is meant for you will never miss you.  You have to trust in that and go about your life.  Build what you need to in the meantime knowing all things are going to fall into place when they are meant to without you trying to force things along or in the timeframe you believe it should be.

When you try to force or guide things you end up creating a resistance in the Universe because you are going against its natural flow and divine timing.  I know it is difficult sometimes to allow things to unfold especially if you are feeling inspired or motivated to forge ahead but it is called divine timing for a reason.  We don’t always know the reasons why things occur when they do or when they don’t and it is

Another phrase I heard somewhere in the last month that also resonated with me was “life is not a dress rehearsal and time is not a renewable resource”.  My appreciation with this phrase is a resounding reminder about the importance of a moment, the value of a connection, how rare they are and not to take them for granted.

Life can change in a moment, regret can last a lifetime, say yes to as many life changing positive opportunities as you can!

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No One Else Completes You

You Become Whole on your Ownyou are the answer

Finding yourself – You don’t need anything from anyone else to be whole or complete, that comes from you and you alone.  No one thing or person can fix your life that comes from finding a peace and contented balance that meets your specific needs.  No two people are alike and what one person may view as a perfectly content life may not be the same view for another which is why when you are trying to find yourself and your peace it’s important to listen to your inner voice so you know when you’ve found it and when you haven’t.  The vision is different for everyone, different things make each of us tick and believe me your gut knows when you are avoiding the truth and walking down the wrong path.

Most issues or stumbling blocks we have are rooted from something deeper within us whether that is something that was modelled, learned or a defense mechanism it creates a habitual behaviour pattern that we tend to continually repeat until we either learn the lesson on our own or hit the wall that forces us to.

Certain events in our lives can keep us stuck in a perpetual cycle from the moment an event affected us and if it happens at an early age then it can keep you from developing past it mentally.  Something difficult or emotionally challenging can stunt your personal growth and maturity so much so that it keeps a part of your psyche in that age or timeframe in some form and even though you grow and age an emotional part of you stays at that point until you find acceptance.  Resisting acceptance whether you are doing it consciously or subconsciously it can have a negative effect on the development of the peace and contented balance that you seek.  The reason most of us don’t address or try to resolve these stumbling blocks is because either we aren’t aware of where they are rooted from or it’s much too painful to embrace but embracing your pain is the only way to deal and move forward toward finding yourself and feeling whole.

Within every difficult experience there are the usual stages similar to the grieving process that you need to move through in order to move on.  If you don’t allow yourself to process through each one of these stages you get stuck in that place until you pick-up where you left off, accept and deal so you can heal and move on.

Most often we think that it requires something externally to fill the void, like once I get that, achieve that or get there I’ll be happy.  Once you get there you find that the feeling of wholeness still eludes you and you still feel the void.  It takes really honest inner reflection to find the root of any blockage, I don’t know of any blockage that has ever been a good one, they are called blocks for a reason.  Blocks are our own inner spirit’s way of saying “I Don’t Like That” and “I’m not going to accept that”, so our inner spirit will revolt and keep showing us that block until we recognize it and address it.

When you are avoiding addressing a blockage it is usually because there is a certain amount of pain, shame or guilt that you either aren’t ready to feel or you believe you can suppress.  Unfortunately you can only suppress something for so long, at some point it will surface in some way or form whether that is the referred effect of lashing out at others or shutting yourself off.

When you aren’t aware of the root of a blockage or believe that you know what it is you may spend a lot of time going in the wrong direction.  I’ve done this so I know that you will continue ending up with the same result over and over until you realize what the actual root cause is, and most likely it is something completely different and in an entirely different area than you thought.  I didn’t realize until later reflecting that I had overcompensated in some areas just trying to level out where I thought my stumbling block was and when the light bulb finally went on, it was practically staring me in the face.  So simple that I should have realized it sooner but also so simple I thought it couldn’t be that easy.

I think we often feel that we know what the fix is and that is the first of many falsehoods that the ego will lead you through.  The answers to our biggest questions lie within and only our inner voice, our gut instinct knows the answers we need to find but it’s our ego that leads us down the wrong path because of course, it’s ego, it thinks it knows best, turns out our ego actually knows the least!  The ego is there to deter you from finding your peace because the more peace you find the smaller your ego becomes.

Finding yourself starts within, starting within will open more doors than you knew were there and the more doors you open the more contentment you will find.

listen to your inner voice


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