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Believing In Yourself

You Can Get There From Here

We all have to make compromises in life and that also includes doing what we have to do to get to where we want to be.  We all have to start somewhere and it’s usually at the bottom because how else can you be appreciative and grateful for what you’ve accomplished if you go straight to the finish line?  It is in the middle of those compromises when we are not yet serving our life’s purpose that becomes the necessary steps to get us there.

Of course, don’t think I haven’t wished for it at times, but if I went straight to victory I wouldn’t have had the challenges along the way to mold me into the person I need to be.  There have been many difficult challenges I can think of that I would’ve rather done without because they hurt too much and were unpleasant but they helped to create who I am today and knowing that now I don’t think I would change them.  It’s during difficulty that we find out our true strength of character, integrity and capabilities.

One of my biggest assets that continues to help me on the road to my life’s purpose is the Law of Attraction (LOA).  Visualization is something I’ve always been good at and is one of the keys to being able to attract what you want in life.   Seeing is believing and believing is seeing.  This is something you can train yourself to do, similar to learning how to do exercises properly to enhance your overall health.  Your mind can learn how to visualize, feel the emotions of those visualizations and that can create the outcome you desire.  Part of this process is that you need to follow your life in the path as if you are on the road to attaining these desires.  You can’t just imagine it, do nothing, and expect it to turn out as you want.   You have to take responsibility for the part you need to play, for example you can’t visualize a healthy and fit body and then stuff it with cookies and ice cream.  Same as you wouldn’t expect your car to run great if instead of gas you put in water.  You have to be in alignment with achieving what you visualize.  Don’t be hard on yourself to achieve and attain results immediately,  I still learn new things to incorporate into my process every day.

One of the biggest points that I’ve always felt is important is not just imagining or saying the words but feeling it within, really believing within yourself that what you desire is yours.  You can’t have your subconscious doubting it, every part of your being needs to firmly believe it without any doubt.

I’m sure you’ve noticed others that seem to be living a charmed life and it’s not just because they have had all the breaks or because they have horseshoes somewhere you can’t find them.  It’s because they are living in the positive, they are attracting all that they desire and deserve because ultimately they just believe

One thing to note is that you will attract whatever emotion you are feeding.  Please be very conscious to work hard to NOT feed the negative, you WILL get more of it, that is a guarantee.

Feed the positive, don’t you think you deserve it?

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Get it, girl!

Just because you are a single mom doesn’t mean you can’t have everything you dream of.  I use the Law of Attraction in many areas of my life, and so far it has never let me down.  Our thoughts are very powerful and we can bring, to our lives and the lives of our children, everything that we need and desire.

I have always used a form of the Law of Attraction ( LOA ). There are a few different variances in definition, but the basis of it is visualizing and believing and remaining in a “State of Being”.  I have always been very good at visualizing what I desire, and being able to visualize makes it that much easier to believe in it.  “Seeing is Believing” and “Believing is Seeing”.

I’ve used the LOA all my life, one example I can give you to better illustrate the beautiful outcome that can be experienced is my daughter.  She was born 3 ½ months premature and weighed only 1 lb, 7 oz.  The doctors kept giving me the usual deadlines; the first 12 hrs are critical, the next 24 hrs are critical, and so on.  I could visually see in my mind so clearly that she was going to make it and come home with me.  She blew every doctors warning out of the water, and they were stunned but kept saying that my positive attitude would be very good for her.  Of course it would, I knew that, and I would just smile to myself and say to them again, “She’s coming home with me”.  They didn’t realize that I had the Ultimate Secret in my pocket: it was the Law of Attraction.

The same concept was what I used in getting that job I wanted, getting that car I wanted, writing my 1st book. I’m not done: more of my work will follow.  You can have anything you want as long as you believe in yourself and your dreams.

You can find motivation in other single moms who may be on a different path because we all have one thing in common.  We work hard to make our children’s lives be all that they can be.

There are so many times I could have just decided to give up and blame it on being a single mom, having a special needs child.  It’s definitely a difficult journey but we all deserve to have the life we desire.

Never stop chasing your dreams, don’t ever stop yourself because of a self-imposed limit that you can’t do it, or you’re past the age of achieving, there is no such thing as “too late”.  I think you deserve it!

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