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The Seeds of Greatness!

Are at the Core of your Spirit

Peeling back the layers of life that have caused your spirit to be cloaked by any negative emotion as a result of your experiences is what allows your true essence to shine!

Where was I Then?

Your youth is where it all begins, where patterns, habits and learned behaviours are formed. You are meant to learn and grow from your experiences not be crippled by them. If your environment doesn’t contain any sort of positive aspects then your outlook of possibilities may be diminished. Your role models are the biggest influences in creating your view on the world, how they model their ability to deal with life experiences is very influential and will either be motivational or damaging. Some behaviours pass through more than one generation and are viewed as “normal” because that is all you know, especially when you are young. It is only when you start to develop into your own independence that you become aware of the inconsistencies. Most times you seek out those that fit the same behavioural pattern that is so familiar and I think eventually you either break away from it or fall into the same mold because it is too far outside of your comfort zone.

I think the biggest and most crippling aspect of this is that you can end up going through many life experiences without really experiencing them because the pattern is so ingrained that you run on auto-pilot and never realize that there is more to your life than just the day to day run of existence.

Where am I Now?

Asking yourself the big questions that are beginning to resonate in your soul are both important and necessary. If it matters to you, it matters! If you’re feeling like there’s something more that you want to reach for or experience within your life there is never a time when it is too late. All change or transformation begins with a first step – the decision. The decision, which doesn’t sound like a huge step, actually is but following through is even bigger. Once you’ve taken those very critical two first steps you start to fall back in alignment with the Universe (I call it being in the Zone, athletes will totally know what I mean) and the Universe only works to create what is meant for you.

Believe me, we are all meant to experience life positively, it is when we fall out of alignment that things start to go sideways.

Where will I Go?dr suess quote #3

Once you’ve taken on a more positive outlook and continue to search or have found your new path the places you can go become infinite possibilities! Listen to Dr. Suess, it’s not just meant for children!

I strive to inspire, motivate and cultivate all things positive and continue to seek deeper awareness and understanding. Every day I learn, every day I come across new meaning to parts of life I didn’t realize existed and every day I am enlightened, humbled and impressed!

Don’t let negative life experiences prevent you from living the life you are meant for or deserve. Make the decision that “it stops here!” and immediately change direction, you can do anything you set your mind to!

At your core you’re all things pure and good and when you realize the amount of strength you and all of us have been given, success and happiness is just a short period of time away and all it takes for you to get there from here is your decision to do it.

Make the change that changes your life!

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Thank-You for the Experience

Your Presence was Necessary!

There are many times I’ve wondered to myself and aloud what the greater reason is behind some of the challenges and/or experiences I’ve had and actually as I write this I’m thinking that I’ve never wondered why when it’s something easy or delightful only when it’s something that has been difficult.  Although I guess the difference is that I’m not always thankful for the challenging times at the beginning like I am with the blessings.  It takes some time to figure out how to adapt and accept when there are bumps in the road but when I come to that moment of clarity is when I realize the greater purpose behind the newest challenge or difficulty and I can be thankful for the experience because it has brought me to a greater awareness and understanding.

Not everything is easy and I don’t think it’s supposed to be, if it was our lives would be too predictable, and without the challenges we wouldn’t experience the lessons or growth.  We all are here for a purpose, figuring out my purpose was something that I struggled to discover for many years and I believe that until we find our calling we remain wandering and wondering.

I do believe that there is a higher purpose and plan in place and that everyone in our lives plays out their part as if we were all in a big play, we have the scenes where some enter and some leave but all are an integral part in each of our life plans.  That includes everyone that is in our immediate circle of family, friends and those that cross our paths briefly; from a look, a moment, a conversation, an encounter or a relationship, it is all part of the grand design.

painful goodbye

To those that have left my life, I wish you well and I understand that you weren’t meant to stay.  When people leave our life, whether it is our decision or forced upon us, I believe the reason is because their purpose has been served, not just in conjunction with our lives but theirs as well and we are no longer essential to each other’s growth and must move forward onto the next leg of our personal journeys.  For both people involved when we move out of each other’s lives an opening is created for the next person that is destined to come in for the next scene of our life plan.

To those that have come into my life and those that have taken up permanent residence, you’ve brought me more joy and blessings than I could have imagined.  Your continued presence in my life is a sign from the universe that our lives are not just a point of juncture but rather a circle of light, love and learning.  Your impact is continually evolving yet steadfast and true, I look forward to all the new adventures we will share and our future of “keeping it real”.

To All:  Without our shared experience I may not be in the place I am today and regardless of whether or not the experience was easy or difficult I know that I would not change it, nor do I have regret because ultimately it helped me to grow.  The lessons, experience and wisdom I gained from your presence in my life has helped me to develop a greater understanding, perspective and clarity of my direction and focus in life.


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