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Rise or Fall

What Is Your Objective?

Are you going to let the difficult times determine your value and quality of life?

Are you going to build your future on a foundation of pains from the past?

Or you going to let it inspire you to change the direction to a more positive outcome?


When you are feeling stuck which I think everyone has at one time or another (hopefully not too often) you are presented with an opportunity.  The only problem is most of the time you don’t see it as opportunity because when you’re in that place of feeling stuck there are other emotions going on that cloud your view.

The opportunity is change!  Changing your thoughts, changing your attitude, changing your outlook and ultimately changing your life direction.

When you move in the direction of positive change it alters everything in your life:

  • It starts with you and your thoughts, do they sway a little stronger one way or the other (positive or negative side)? What you tell yourself, especially from your subconscious impacts how you feel and how you feel impacts how you interact with others.
  • When your thoughts change so do your interactions with others and how you view and perceive them. Things that possibly annoyed you before begin to become not so important, not because someone else has changed but because you have.
  • When your attitude changes that changes your outlook and your world around you becomes less offensive, not because others have changed but because you have. It’s not “what you get is what you see”, it’s actually “what you see is what you get”.

I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to change your thinking around when you are coming from the place of feeling stuck.  It’s hard to find something solid to stand on so you can rise up from whatever has put you in this place but it is possible.

It takes only a quick shift of thought, that lightning moment to change the direction.  I know that when I get an idea in my head I don’t let it go until I’ve exhausted everything trying.

No one is a failure for trying something that didn’t work, not trying will do more damage to you emotionally through regret than any effort ever made that didn’t work.

Vulnerability is the only way and it’s scary to put yourself out there especially when you don’t know the answers or feel you aren’t ready or strong enough to have them heard but it is such a freeing place to be.  When you allow yourself to be vulnerable there’s nothing left to hide, nothing left to expose or exploit, that changes it into power, personal power!

Whatever caused you to feel stuck is usually not something external but something you find the answers for internally.  Circumstance is just that and circumstance cannot hinder your personal power only you can do that by thinking you are powerless to change a situation.

All situations can be challenged and possibly changed and feeling stuck is only a state of mind, one caused by your own resistance of thinking you are powerless.

Bottom line is you need to be the change you wish to see!



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Finding Yourself First!

May Help You Find Your Direction in Life

It’s hard to know what you want out of life or what you’re looking for when you haven’t fully figured out who YOU are.  It’s taken me a long time to really realize my direction in life and to become aware of some of the reasons behind some of my choices.  I’ve made wrong turns because I wasn’t fully aware of my real motivations and underlying needs and even though I had thought I’d gone in a specific direction for a specific reason, I had discovered later that I was compromising one need to meet or maintain another.  The biggest “aha” was that I wasn’t even aware that I was doing this or what my real needs and/or desires were because I was too distracted in every area of my life to realize that I didn’t know who I really was.  I had normalized in my mind that having every moment of my day spoken for meant that I was getting things done and fulfilling the normal life plan, at least that was my misguided understanding.  We’re not all built the same so why would there be a “one size fits all” life plan that everyone conforms to, the life plan itself should conform to each individual and I don’t believe that everyone gains happiness, peace and balance from travelling the same path.

finding your way

I have come to these realizations at various times over the last five years because I’ve been interested In the bigger picture and wanted to find the root of why I kept ending up in similar life scenarios whether that was within family, friend or intimate relationships.  You know, if I keep doing things the same way I shouldn’t be expecting different results just because my intentions or awareness has changed or grown.  No doubt there will be many more of these realizations to come as I have more chapters of my life to fill and from what I’ve learned so far this leads me to believe that this enlightenment has only just begun.

I think that when you get “stuck” in certain areas of your life it’s because there is something bigger that is holding you back and when you start to rewind and replay those that didn’t go as you’d hoped, you will likely find the pattern that is keeping you “stuck”.  Recognizing and becoming aware of the patterns that you’ve repeated can be the first step in turning your entire life around because once you’ve brought yourself awareness it will help you to create a new pattern.  When you change things up this way you will find yourself in very new and very unfamiliar territory.  When I started to recognize and slowly change those areas of my conditioning I found at first, that it felt a little weird, but in a good way.  The main thing I noticed is that I’d eliminated the self-doubt and replaced it with a stronger sense of self-guidance.

Of course all changes we make to improve our lives will have a transition period and uncertainty can usually be expected but as long as you listen to your heart and follow your gut instinct I don’t believe you will end up on the wrong path.  Acknowledging how things make you feel along the way and allowing yourself the freedom to step outside of your comfort zone to explore areas of life that you had never thought to try will help to ease the transitions and reduce the fears.

No matter what path you take or process you use to learn more about who YOU are, it’s that awareness that will help you to gain a greater understanding and contentment overall.

change your stars


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