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The Brighter Side of Life!

The Golden / Unwritten Rules

I have always felt a strong connection to my belief of what the “golden rules” represent and I’ve found that when I stay inside those boundaries I am providing myself with the benefit of a clear conscience and an enlightened heart.  I refer to them as the golden or unwritten rules and they are very significant and present in all that I think and do. 


They aren’t actual rules that are in place in print somewhere but the unwritten intention that separates right from wrong for me and for many of us.  They are my “voice of reason” as well as my “moral compass” on how I want to project myself to others and hopefully what I receive from others in return.  The biblical saying “do unto others as you would have them do to you” is the most significant way to portray this.

What I list below are my “golden rules” and as I’ve said there is no actual list written and every individual has their own specific life rules that they live by, individually fitting to each.  Generally though I’ve found that most people I’ve come across have a similar focus with little variation.

My Golden / Unwritten Rules

1)      Respect

2)      Honesty

3)      Loyalty

4)      Support

5)      Presence

There are so many personal rewards within when you stay in tune with your true self and your personal place in this world.  It is never too late to do or change anything that doesn’t fit in with your own individual happiness.  I believe that there isn’t anything that can’t be resolved or corrected when respect and honesty are present.

I’ve found that by living within these “golden rules” I have allowed myself a stronger sense of passion and purpose, and a greater opportunity to connect with those I come into contact with on a deeper level.  I don’t know if I can it express it clearly enough except to say that when I’ve made a deeper level connection with someone it’s something I’ve noticed within, a sense or feeling.  It’s these specific kind of connections that attach our spirits to those we develop them with and these connections are to be treasured and cared for.

Don’t forget to acknowledge and appreciate those that you hold dear in your circle, treat them with kindness and if not the same as my list, your own specific list, but stay true to yourself, who you are and how you want to be treated in return. 

Living positive is my successful way of life!


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What’s Your Karma?

Cause and Effect

There are many different definitions and concepts surrounding “Karma” but the common thread seems to be that of “cause and effect” or better said “what goes around, comes around”.My belief about the meaning of Karma is that there are two parts to it:

1)      Intention – This does not mean doing random acts of kindness on purpose with the expectation that this will now create “good karma”.  It is simply doing random acts of kindness with the intention of generating a positive feeling in the recipient.  In my opinion it is the positive act with the only desired outcome being that you make someone’s day better that automatically generates the good karma.  The unintention within the intention.

2)      Reaction – One of my favorite quotes by Wayne Dyer that clearly expresses this;

         “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” 

So true, and quite often reaction can be a very difficult emotion to control.  When others have treated me in a way that hurts or upsets me, my immediate reaction can be either to act out or shut down.  I’ve found that neither one of these have ever been a beneficial solution.I’ve had my own difficulties with trying not to let others words/ actions affect me and sometimes it can still be an ongoing battle but I’ve found that it depends on the state of being I’m in at the time an issue arises.  If I am in a place of feeling strong within my mind and soul then no one can affect me, however if I am in a less than strong position I will have a feud going on within me just to fend it off.  One of the quotes I constantly remind myself of when I’m in those less than strong positions that helps me find my way out is, of course, another Wayne Dyer quote:

        “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

It doesn’t always work for me at first but if I keep repeating it in my mind at some point it kicks in.  Along with that I will constantly ask myself “do I want to allow others to block my happiness or positive energy?” or “give someone else the power to change my future?”  

Absolutely No Way!

I know that when I’ve let someone else’s behavior affect me I’ve noticed that it has a direct effect on all those around me, my entire day and every day after that until I stop letting it affect me.  It’s something I have to consciously choose to ward off and it can sometimes take all of my positive energy just to stay on the level but it’s a definite “have to” for me, and the most necessary step in maintaining my spirit.

I do have one aide that I use that helps to calm me internally when someone has affected me and it really does work.  I bought myself a clear crystal quartz that hangs on a nylon cord like a necklace and I wear it when I feel out of sorts.  Clear crystal quartz is said to have healing properties that cleanse away negativity, clear blockages and balance your crown chakra.  It’s called “the poor man’s diamond” because it’s so rich in every way except material value.

It’s been said that your karma follows you through each and every life until you’ve paid up the karmic debt that you’ve created.  I can’t say one way or the other on this statement as I would have to have data from not only mine but from others past and current lives.  I don’t know if that’s even a possibility to complete, at least not for me anyway.  I do believe in the statements of the karma coming with you through each life and the karmic debt being paid.  I think that anyone can turn their karma around as long as their intention is coming from an open and honest place.  Of course I don’t mean that by reaching an open and honest place that means that they are automatically paid up for any past transgressions.  I view it to be a process, somewhat like a 12-step program and that the person who has made this transformation within is usually eager to make amends and make up for any stress and/or hurt that they’ve caused.   It is through these positive desires that the karmic debt gets paid up, not just because they’ve made amends but because the intention is open and honest and their words/actions are consistent with that intention.


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Look for the Positive

We can’t stop things from changing

Everything happens for a reason, and of course that’s not always helpful when the things that happen don’t feel so good emotionally but what can make that emotion worse is not allowing yourself to find the positives.  I know!  I don’t always see them at the beginning either, in fact sometimes I’m constantly questioning and by doing that I prevent myself from finding the peace and balance that lies in the “in between”.

Luckily for me, anything that isn’t positive feels foreign to me, like a sickness, which is something I just can’t put up with.  My stubbornness to have to experience anything like that for too long definitely outweighs my constant questioning and denial so I always find my positive answers and if I’m lucky it doesn’t take me too long to do that.  First things first though, I think everyone notices when something doesn’t feel right within and I think our gut instinct always knows what it is but sometimes our egos tend to think they know better and brush off our initial instincts.  The best route is to try to change that process as soon as you notice those subtle differences.  At first it may take some time to raise that awareness but after a while it will become second nature and next thing you know you are fighting off those awful emotions and finding the good in the situations.

It’s our emotions that will always take us to different areas of our lives and whether or not we want those emotions sometimes doesn’t matter.  You can’t change the way you feel so maybe you should try to change the way you are seeing something.

There’s no point in hanging on to the negative side of situations and I know that it can be very difficult to find the positive in some of them but it’s always there, and what good does it do to not find it?  You’re not going to feel better in fact you’ll feel worse.

I know I would much rather choose happy!

There are so many positive things that we can look forward to and be inspired by in this world.  Sure there are also negative things too but I would rather feed the positive and spread that.  The more we diffuse and push aside the negative the weaker it will get and the less chance it will have of continuing to grow.  It’s what we put out energy into that expands and I would much prefer that what expands for everyone are the positive moments.

It only takes one kind moment to change the course of someone’s day for the better.  If we were all striving to be that person imagine how different our days would be.

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